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The Brisvegas LAN #6

The Brisvegas LAN #6

As the year rolls towards its close, it was time for another event from the Australian esport icon “Daniel ‘Mavrick’ Lang”, and it was iteration 6 of the Brisvegas LAN. These events have been a staple to the players in the South-East Queensland region with many known and unknown talents visiting and participating.

8 teams in two groups with a round robin format, all best of ones and a single elimination playoff bracket. Players such as Doom, Stat, YDNA, and llamas were competing as was the Emprox lineup that is competition in various leagues such as the Instafrag Advanced League Season 1. But it didn’t stop with just these players; Grayhound player Dickstacy visited, even casting a couple games along with Taffy from Renegades’ content team as well as journalist and analyst, Max Melit. Of course, the usual production team was at work, courtesy of QUT eSports with the guidance of Mavrick.

Group A

Group B

Due to time constraints, half of the tournament was run off-stream simultaneous to the other half. This allowed for the whole event to be held in a single day. In both groups A and B, one team powered through winning all 3 of their games. This was Ferraripeek in Group A and Poggers in Group B, whom both looked quite formidable within each of their games. In each of their semi-final games, Ferraripeek and Poggers were able to close out their games in a quick 2-0 fashion and the two met in the grand final. This final best of three certainly delivered, going into all three maps and additionally offered a small narrative in how Poggers dominated on the first map but the second map was incredibly close going the full 30 rounds and Ferraripeek pushed Poggers on the third map and closed it out 16 – 13 and wrapping up a true nail-biter series.

Playoffs Bracket

This short summary of the finals doesn’t do the event justice and anyone who has been within a LAN environment would agree. Mix LAN events like these had the teams forced to play a loose and puggy style of Counter-Strike. Of course, this style is very exciting to watch and can be very back and forward with so much potential for individual plays and brilliance, perhaps why these events are so riveting to spectate and be a part of. Looking outside of the games the LAN offered more than just some exciting CS. A buffet of content was produced, even just going back through the VODs will provide many laughs and interesting details of the LAN, talents who were involved and some insight into more general concepts and strategies in the game.

For anyone who follows the CS:GO community might have also seen a post on the GlobalOffensive subreddit that performed very well and was received very well. The ability for a small one-day event like this to be so memorable says a lot about the community that makes it and the passion of those involved in any regard. Furthermore, it builds on a series of LANs from both Mavrick and QUT eSports and this enables future events to be held.

A post on Reddit about the event gained traction

Again, it was great to see another event at the QUT eSports Arena which has opened up a lot of potential in Brisbane for LAN events across many games and if you haven’t, it’s worth checking out the space. And with another Brisvegas LAN wrapped up, it will be exciting to see what the next CS event will be from the QUT esports team.

Check out the photos, courtesy of dfragtv
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