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We run Overwatch training every Tuesday.

Overwatch is a team-oriented, first-person shooter created by Blizzard Entertainment. It has a unique lore and timeline where each character has their own distinct personality, storyline and play styles. Players will need to consider this when creating teams in order to create the best possible team combination for each situation.

In a game, each team consists of six (6) players using different characters in order to attack, or defend, the objective(s) depending on the map. There are currently four (4) map types, all with varying objectives.

Assault maps have two (2) points which the attacking team must capture in order to win. During this time the defending teams goal is to stop the attacking team until timer reaches zero. Escort maps require the attacking team to escort a payload to the end of the map before time runs out. Meanwhile the defending team has to stop them from reaching this zone within the time limit. Hybrid maps consist of a capture point and a shortened payload phase. The attacking team must capture the payload first, then escort it to the end of the map, much like a regular Escort map.

The final game mode is Control. Control maps require each team to capture and then maintain control a central point until the percentage indicator reaches 100%. Each control match has three (3) separate maps, using a best of three (3) format to determine the winning team.



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June 29, 2018

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